7 Things That Happen When You Take Cold Showers

We are used to showering With so warm water that we only noticed it when it happened Running out! It can help you take a warm shower Incredibly relaxing, which is their greatest benefit.

But have you ever stopped thinking about Benefits of bathing in cold water?

Here are some of the benefits of having a cold shower: 

Makes you feel more alert

If you usually feel sluggish and sleepy when Wake up, try taking a cold shower.

Once you connect your body With cold water, a change in temperature causes it to occur React.

Your breathing becomes heavier than you Access to more oxygen and heart rate Increases in order to balance the body temperature.

Due to the increase in blood circulation, we remain Wake up and alert all day.

Helps burn fat Cold 

showers can help you lose weight in A less traditional method.

Our body contains two types of fat, what is known In the name of white adipose tissue or white and brown fat Fatty tissue or brown fat.

White fats accumulate in such areas Neck, thigh, waist, back.

It appears mainly due to excessive calories Thermal.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is known With good fats, it generates heat in order to preserve us warm.

Studies have shown that showering in Cold water can activate those fats, and it will burn More calories.

This means you may lose up to 9 pounds A year if you keep this habit.

It improves your skin

 Your hair may have noticed that your hair has The skin dries when bathing with hot water During the winter.

Cold water does the opposite, and closes The ends of your hair and your pores, and closes Moisture in.

It improves your immunity One of the best benefits of cold showers is Sudden temperature change.

These are known Practice is also called contrast therapy in the bathroom, and it starts with warmth Take a shower and turn the water suddenly to cool After a few minutes.

Scientists believe this type of shower It generates an increase in the immune system Cells, which can help the body fight Diseases.

It improves blood circulation

 As we explained earlier, it causes cold water Reaction in the body and an increase in Heart rate, which increases blood circulation.

Moreover, the variation in temperature helps Your body to pump blood better Arteries, which have a positive effect For your general health.

Fights depression

 You might think, how can you get a cold?

Bathing the effect of our mood and even fight depression?

Our skin contains cool sensors that send out Electrical impulses to our brain when in contact With cold water, causing Antidepressant effect on the body.

A study conducted in 2008 showed that this The type of shower produces an analgesic effect This does not lead to any dependency or Adverse side effects.

It helps our muscles recover faster

 You may have already seen athletes take Ice pools after an intense workout or exercise To relieve muscle pain.

But you don't have to take this far.

Studies have shown that even cold showers It can relieve muscle pain and increase healing time.

Relieves stress

 Taking a cold shower makes our body enter Stress mode that can actually increase our Tolerance to stress and even some diseases.

A study showed that exposure to cold reduces Of the uric acid level in the participants.

This compound is associated with the appearance Many different diseases.

The study also noted an increas Glutathione levels in the body, an enzyme that works As an antioxidant, A natural blood purifier.

Now that I know everything You know about the benefits of catching a cold Shower, we're going to teach you how to do With that.

If you have read any of James Bond wrote, you may have noticed that he was taking a shower In a different way.

It starts in the hot bath and lowers The temperature is gradually increased until it is cold As you 

will go.

Also known as James Bond shower, you can Copy his secret routine alternating between Hot and cold water every 20 to 30 seconds.

Once you get used to it, why not try Real cold showers