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A healthy stretch of life equals the quality of life

If a healthy lifestyle is our goal, and we are what we eat, we largely reach what we do.

Consider the type of character. Are you the type A who focuses on everything or are you chilling and getting things wrong? A healthy lifestyle depends on the latter.

Would you stay awake and watch Leno or Letterman then rise at 5:00 am to shower and shower at work, and maybe get 5 hours of sleep?

Does your workout consist of walking from the sofa to the refrigerator and clicking on the remote control? Higher quality of life demands some demands on our muscles. 

What about Farah? Is there a laugh in your life or do you experience eight hours of network news, local news and other doses of depression and agony stifle your joy in living? We can laugh on our way to a longer and happier life.

We build muscle by exercising. The same with the brain, any pressure on the brain leads to decreased mental capacity. Memory, decision making, logic and problem solving depend on mental fitness; a key factor in good aging. It's good to have a little mental strength to go with the strong body that we're working on.

Do the stresses of life relax with smoke, dumping, or perhaps birth control pills to soothe tense nerves and do you find yourself turning to more and more "substances" for relaxation?  lifestyle A healthy does not need to "get high help from our friends"

We can sum it all up as stress, sleep, exercise, joy, mental stimulation, and destructive habits. The choices we make in every field are vital to prolonging life or shortening our lives.