Information you do not know about dangerous and useful plants in your home

We will talk about indoor plants That she loves, and yet she is  Very dangerous
Here are 7 plants you should never have You have inside, Be very careful this can be yours It causes serious health problems, if You are like me that you love plants From the garden and if you have a passion, then
Green hands like me and you buy Turn around then look for sure This, in addition, I will present to
you too10 indispensable stations inside From your home 7 plants should never be accessed Inside yo

No.1 Dieffenbachia It is very popular in all kinds of interiors Because it does not need much light
The problem with this houseplant Various parts of dieffenbachia
Toxic for both men and women the animals. It is important for that
To put the plant out of reach children. Mucous membranes can become irritated
In contact with the plant due to phytotoxin.
The papers are the ones that keep A higher concentration of poison.

No.2 Narcissus and Narcissus bulbs Narcissus (as well as tulips) cause Rarely but fatal accidents contain Toxic alkaloids that can cause Dizziness and abdominal pain On the occasion of convulsions.
It is often confused with onions however Very lethal if swallowed by these LEDs can have consequences Spasmodic digestive disordersAnd death

No.3 sago palm is one of the most
Old people survived very long Because it is avoided at least By animals, absolutely all parts, Including seeds and roots Toxic, if consumed by accident You may experience vomiting, Diarrhea and even liver failure

No.4 oleander is absolutely all sides
Oleander is burdened with toxins if You have this plant at home you are in Counseling to keep away from childre It is not permissible under any circumstances to manipulate them, if You see these signs of intoxication Vomiting and abdominal pain Headache accompanied by feeling
General feeling of malaise. In severe cases There is a slowing of the pulse, Heart rhythm disturbances and condition shock. So run for emergencies
No.5 Monstera deliciosa is one of plantul Most commonly found inside And outside but poisonous to Like humans to me Animals cause convulsions and Inflammation of vomiting and diarrhea

No.6 Philodendron which is very simple Unfortunately, if eaten The consequences can be catastrophic

No.7 ivy Fruit is highly toxic. The plant It is allergic.Use, in a large amount, can cause Sensitivity by direct contact (by cutting it off):
Irritation, edema, blisters, erythema, Sneezing, conjunctivitis, seizure asthma. Burning mouth, saliva,
Vomiting and diarrhea are abundant. If poisoning is the most important Delirium, hallucinations and convulsions occur, Pupils dilated, coma and suffocation.
Although these houseplants are very Nice and decorative if there are kids And pets, better To look for harmless plants like Bamboo or some of the following 10 plants:
Yes, darling, as famous said Author, house without plant like A man without a soul, let's join the plants here Beneficial for gentle plants due to plants They have. Other advantages, either as a component In the kitchen or even natural remedies For various diseases, but often we are We only serve for decoration It is a very good idea because it is you
Gives a touch of life and freshness to Every corner of the house is purified
The air we breathe but you should know It is possessed by ornamental plants
Both medical virtues are valuable And cooking for that reason today
Here are 10 plants for you It must be because they are Very handy; easy to maintain
10 Lavender is an aromatic plant that It has many benefits, but the most common ones,
But it is related to the nervous system Your scent helps reduce the level of anxiety
Insomnia and its properties help against Pain, headache and muscles.

# 9 Rota may be harmful, but small Dosages are ideal and ideal for fighting Emphasis on anxiety and insomnia help Also against stomach pain and Cramps, soothing sedative It is very good for treating migraines.

# 8 mugwort is used primarily For digestive problems such as Digestion flatulence digestion
Bad liver and bad breath as well It helps relieve arthritis and pain Rheumatism sprain pain sprain
And pain caused by the rules.

# 7.For Arnika, it is just exceptional As much for its beauty as for its warts
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties However, it may provoke a reaction
Irritates sensitive skin and you So be careful when submitting the application.

# 8 basil of this aromatic plant Easy to maintain and widely used In cooking the leaves, they are included In pizza salads noodle soup and for them Health problems a drink made of
Crushed basil can be used against convulsions Parasitic nausea and parasites
Intestinal Its properties soothe the nerves Improving the immune and fighting system acne
Number 5 mint is one of the plants The most used can be taken in Tea to eliminate indigestion already inflammation Stomach, nausea and dizziness And headache use mint Pepper is useful aga
Mainly Acts as a tea for treating stomach upset Indigestion and its compounds help
Another regeneration of the gastric mucosa Share reduces discomfort during menstruation
And it works to get rid of eye infection ENT can be consumed In the event of sadness or even depression Cactus is easy to maintain and Many benefits and anti-inflammatory properties
Helps relieve muscle pain and Reducing swelling bites, in the event of accidents CVD and insect bites But gastritis is still controlled Colitis and relieves the ways Respiratory system for example if you have Pours to breath, from athsme, coughing you. It can apply to the chest and back
Put a soft cloth or paper on Zone and go to sleep the next day You will be completely fit
Here is my love, after this, you can You are announcing you flowers, I know that natural medicine will remain Always our great ally, but of course This should never replace the medical examination